Sustainable development, as a process of economic and social changes during which abuse of natural resources, long-term capital investment, direction of scientific-technical development, development of an individual and institutional changes are interconnected and strengthen the current and future potential of human needs and ideas, has been adopted by us and has become a guideline in the activities and in the business progress. It can briefly described as follows: “while meeting the needs of the current generation, save opportunities for coming generations to meet their own needs”.

        Lithosphere in the Republic of Armenia is rich in colored metals, which ensures sustainable development for ore mining and metallurgy. “Plant of Pure Iron” OJSC, being leader in the field of processing molybdenite concentrate (Ferromolybdenum) and the only (molybdenum metal) enterprise, is in great demand abroad and 100% of its product is being exported. In all its activities and initiations it is guided by the principle of sustainable development considering it as a precondition.