Our strategy is built based on the principle of interconsistency and balancing of three main ideas – economic, environmental and social, for all initiations.

        Continuously developing technologies that have economic effect, ensure improvement of the product quality, increase in performance, reduction of consumed specific energy on the process, etc., and we combine them with the solution of environmental problems such as reduction of hazardous emissions, improvement of the quality of common and working areas in the enterprise, replacement of more dangerous substances used in the technological process with safer ones, and with social problems such as more effective solution of work safety issues.

        We deeply believe that proper solution of social-community and environmental problems favorably affect the solution of economic problems as well.

        In our multifaceted activity we strive to build relations on the principle of transparency, honesty and justice be it our personnel or numerous partners in Yerevan, in the Republic or abroad.

       As to the training of specialists, we have concluded a cooperation agreement with SEUA (Polytechnic) to solve the technical problems we face with the help of our own specialists. We effectively use the scientific-technical potential available in the Republic as well, persistently study the international experience and actively use it.