Molybdenum metal is used is special steel alloys, in illumination and electrical equipment. Pure monocrystalline molybdenum is used in the production of mirrors for powerful gas-dynamic lasers. As a good thermo-electric material it is also used in the production of thermal-electric generators.

        Molybdenum is used in high temperature vacuum resistant ovens as heater and thermo-isolator.

        Molybdenum disilicide as heater is used in ovens having oxidizing atmosphere and up to 18000C.

        In lamp production, including heating lamps for common purpose, molybdenum is irreplaceable.

        One of the more valuable features of molybdenum is that unlike other heavy metals, its combinations are less toxic. This makes molybdenum a particularly convenient alloy metal in production of containers used in food and chemical industry and in pharmacy.

        Demand for molybdenum greatly connected with the world production of steel. 80% of molybdenum is used in production of steel.