Plant of Pure Iron torrefies the molybdenum concentrate in a multi-floored oven and the received molybdenum oxide becomes a raw material for the production of f Ferromolybdenum and molybdenum metal.

        Torrefication of the concentrate in the multi-floored oven has a number of advantages over the traditional rotating pipe ovens. It is maximum automated, does not require additional fuels to provide the burning, saves the raw resources, reduces emission of dust, ensures high degree of rhenium distillation, prolongs the periods of renovation while reducing the renovation costs.

        The multi-floored oven contributes to the management of technological processes with high efficiency and to the high quality of the product.

        The operating mode of the multi-floored oven is constant, and productivity at Plant of Pure Iron is 20-22 tons per day.

        At Plant of Pure Iron, melting of ferromolybdenum is done in a retort furnace through metallothermic reduction of molybdenum, in particular through silicon reduction. Technical oxide of the molybdenum along with reducing metals and another metal-containing additive are loaded into the oven, and through oxide-reduction reactions the alloy is made, as the metallothermic reactions take place without consumption of external energy.

        Molybdenum metal is received through hydrometallurgical method. Ammonium molybdate salt, received as a result of extraction with ammonium water of the molybdenum technical oxide, is reduced until pure molybdenum powder, is extruded and sintered:

        Ammonium perrhenate is received as a result of torrefying the molybdenum concentrate cleaning the latter from sludge accumulated in the gas-purifying system.