Plant of Pure Iron” experimental-industrial plant, whose successor we are, was founded in 1969, and it organized production of pure iron with specific features through direct reduction process from iron mines discovered in Hrazdan, Armenia. At the same time the plant also processed metal waste (hangnails) received from the USSR, and through re-melting they got alloy-treated metal. There was also a third direction: attempt was made to bring to an experimental or production level the science-research activities of ferrous metallurgy in USSR.

After the collapse of the USSR, it was impossible to continue working in that direction any longer, that is why in 1991-1994 the enterprise did not operate and opportunities for new directions were being searched for. There was only one solution: the plant should operate on the domestic raw material such as molybdenum concentrate. However, to pass on to a new production it was necessary to raise funds that were not there either. However, there still was titanium hangnail, ferrous silicon, huge amount of iron and other materials in the plant through which the production of ferrotitanium was organized that is in demand abroad.

 The production of ferrotitanium from that waste ensured the initial capital with which the production of Ferromolybdenum was organized. In 1994, we managed to transform 435t of molybdenum concentrate into Ferromolybdenum.

In 1995, the enterprise was privatized, and it was decided to maintain the name of the plant, paying tribute to its past. The volume of production of Ferromolybdenum was constantly growing at the Plant of Pure Iron, while creating sections of producing ammonium molybdate through electrolytic hydrogen and hydro-metallurgic method. In 1998, the production of molybdenum metal started (5t).

It is 21 years, Plant of Pure Iron has been sustainably developing even under circumstance, when the price of molybdenum in international market has sharply fluctuated. That in itself increased trust of our partners towards us. In those years, the most important feature of our modus operandi was the following: the necessary main equipment was designed, made, installed and maintained by the engineering-technical and scientific potential of the enterprise, which enabled us to implement the aforementioned with very modest financial expenses.

When designing and implementing technological processes serious attention was paid to the related work safety and environmental risks, which were brought to the possible minimum level. Results of annual technical safety, environmental and sanitary-hygienic inspections conducted at our plant prove the above-mentioned.

Being part of the Cronimet Holding, Plant of Pure Iron, as well as other members of the group implement and apply principles of sustainable development. Having the opportunity and conducting reliable and competent cooperation with them, we successfully use the accumulated experience while learning from each other.

We create close contacts and have mutually beneficial cooperation with science-research and educational institutions (SEUA, “Polytechnic”, etc.) in the Republic.