During the Soviets, the all of the molybdenum concentrate was exported to other republics of the USSR and processed there. After the independence, within a short period we corrected that mistake: through locally processing the mineral wealth, increasing its value and then exporting it we became the advocate and pioneer of that business.

        Today our enterprise and the product are known and appraised in the international market, and it is our task to strengthen that recognition and appraisal.

        Plant of Pure Iron has adopted a policy of fully upgrading the current production base, through engaging world-famous companies in this process, the scientific-technical potential in the republic and our own professional potential.

       Upgrading of the current technology for concentrate processing, introduction of new technology and products, enrollment of engineering and technical, especially young cadre in the production, strengthening their preparation and training activities are important part of our agenda and prospective activity.

        Plant of Pure Iron has continuously created and is creating significant financial flows, maintains its strong financial position, has a serious potential to grow, and a direction of enriching the quality, quantity of production, as well as types of products. It has become a reliable partner and has highly qualified and professional personnel.

        We take efforts to maintain our competitiveness with functional excellence and innovation for which we conduct significant engineering-technical, technological, research activities. We provide professional training courses for the cadre, enroll young engineers and technicians who pave a road to less energy-consuming and more cost-effective production.

        We will continue implementing all the aforementioned active programs while maintaining strong financial position, and will not deviate from the principles of sustainable development adopted by us.